Rustic decoration

This year’s trend in decoration is nature and the style that can bring all its essence is the Rustic Style. When you think about rustic, your mind take you to a cabin in the middle of the woods, however there are elements that you can use to combine with your modern and contemporary house.

You have to be aware of that a rustic style not only allows to refresh your home but to create the feeling of a timeless space.

This style main characteristic is the use of wood, whether you have it in the ceiling, in the floor, in your furniture or as a decorative element. But there are other elements such as natural fiber and textures. You can use fabrics made of fibers of jute, flax or hemp. These fabrics can have ethnic, floral or any other pattern that reminds the country side. Using patterns are not a must do, so you can go for plain color, too.

If you don’t have any rustic at your home but you are becoming interested on it and want to introduce it in your house, a good idea could be to have painted or natural branches exposed in tall, glass vases. You can have them by themselves or you can add any other flower of your preference.

Wooden furniture like tables, chairs or sofas made of wicker are quite attractive and they get along with modern decorations. Also, you can use old picture frames with vintage pictures.

Remember, decoration is about creativity and don’t be afraid to experiment with different elements.


Candles and Decoration

There is all kind of candles with different shapes, colors, sizes and they are used not only candle, velas, decoración, decorationas a decorative element but to contribute to the creation of feelings and special moments. They are discreet, warm and delicate.

There is almost Christmas and you can use them to decorate your entire house. One idea is to wrap candy canes or cinnamon sticks with a wonderful red ribbon around pillar candles. Also you can place taper golden candles surrounded by glittering ornaments and a pair of bells.

For day to day, and if you want to bring sea elements to your home, pillar candles in a vase with sand and shells can be a good idea. The truth is that pillar candles in vases are great decorative elements whether you combine them with other things like pebbles, nuts or petals. Also, you can place them in plates with fruits or in wooden trays with potpourri.

Votive candles can be used also as centerpieces. The only thing you have to do is to buy some of this type of candles and to place them on your dining table as a single row. They are used as well in bathrooms and bedrooms to create a peaceful environment and combined with a soft lightning, they are perfect for romance.

Floating candles are another alternative. They have to be placed in small bowls of water so that the flame does not go out from small waves or wind. If you have a pool, luminaries are a good alternative because they can stand alone and decorate while they float.

Christmas Decor

christmas decoration, decoración navideñaDecember has arrived and the air is filled of hope, good feelings and harmony.  This year is almost gone and Christmas is around the corner, waiting for us to create that special corner full of brightness and magic. It is time to focus on the things that really matter and transform your home in a cozy place.

Usually, the living room is the space where all the decorations are placed. The lights and pillows are commonly displayed. However you can take the festive spirit to your entire house. For example, you can hang stockings in the doors. As well, you can use candles to give to the environment that warm touch. The important thing is that you match your Christmas decoration with your existing decor, even if that means to use unusual colors.

When it comes to the Christmas tree, you can use your vintage ornaments, those ones that you already have. There is no need to change them every year, or perhaps you can create your own ornaments with the help of your family and children. Also you can use ribbons in different colors: red, green, white, gold, bronze, silver or even blue depending on the style you are using to decorate your home. And at last but not less important, the gifts wrapped in shiny Christmas paper and placed under the tree.

Don’t forget to make some fabulous center pieces. The most common flowers are: roses, burgundy carnations, white lilies, white chrysanthemums or the traditional red poinsettias. You can accent the center piece with holiday greens and even sweets like candy canes (this will give a special touch to your bouquets). Another idea is to place a bowl with glittery tree ornaments with the colors that complement the space.

But you can dress your table not only with center pieces. You can use cloth tables with special designs for the holidays or you can crisscross strands of ribbon over the top and sides just to give a gift effect.

Christmas is about having fun, so just enjoy decorating your home and having special moments with your love ones. Merry Christmas!.

How to use mirrors as decoration

The role of mirrors in decorationMirrors can be great allies when you decorate your house, especially when you want to give a sense of brightness, amplitude, depth or continuity. There are mirrors with different shapes, sizes and with different frame styles. However, it is very important to know where to use them and how.

If you use mirrors everywhere, the sense of spaciousness is going to be gone, creating an oppressive atmosphere. On the other hand, the lack of mirrors gives to the room the appearance of being small and empty.

It is important to place mirrors making sure that other elements are reflected. If you place it in a way that reflects an empty wall then the effect of depth that you want to achieve will disappear. But you can use mirrors not only on walls, you can place them in cabinets or sideboards to exalt little decorative elements or the special collectibles that you may have in your dining room or kitchen.

One common use for mirrors is in the entrance halls because it helps to increase its depth. For example, you can set up one mirror on the opposite wall to the door, so when you open it, you will see the hall of your home as if it were endless.

Another important rule is that usually big mirrors have to be used in the main areas of the house like the living room or the dining room. One option is to place mirrors of different sizes but with the same pattern. This will give a contemporary look to the room.

Place mirrors in spaces where there is not a lot of light. They will help to reflect it and to increase the clarity throughout the room.

Mirrors are the easiest decorative elements to set up and they give a contemporary and cheerful style to your home.

Mixing styles: Old and New

styles: old and new, estilos: antigüo y nuevo

If you have antique collectibles or traditional furnishing that you want to place in your home but you don’t want to lose that touch of modernity, then it is time for you to experiment with two different styles and generate a whole new environment.

Some people say that opposites are meant to be attracted and when it comes to give a new, fresh look to your house, this is something that you can apply just by mixing styles: old and new, traditional and modern, antique and contemporary.

To combine these two styles, the strategy is to generate a smooth transition by repeating common elements like color, shape or origin. For example, if the chairs of your dining room are antique, you can upholster them with a nice fabric and use its color in other accessories. This will give a sense of coherence and balance. Remember that accessories and collectibles are a great help to accomplish this transition.

Usually, contemporary interiors are built using on its majority solid or tone-on-tone materials, meanwhile, traditional interiors contains more colors and patterns. So if the space you want to decorate is modern, then you can add some fabric with floral patterns, but if it is the other way around, it is necessary to open the space up using solid and neutral colors.

Another tip you have to remember is: if you have a unique and antique piece, then just let it stand on its own. Don’t add other accessories. You don’t want to overload the space. Sometimes less is more.

Aguadecoco: Decorating your home

When it comes to decorate your home, you can follow established rules or use your imagination to mix styles, colors, shapes and patterns. However, before you start giving your house a new design, it is important to have a plan.

Make a sketch of the floorplan including the room dimensions, so you can define the function of each area and decide the type of furniture that is needed.

Don’t choose the color of the walls first without taking into account the large elements design. If you already have rugs, furniture and draperies you want to use or even if you want to buy a new items, it is important that you coordinate the color and the style in base of the fabric and upholstery of those major pieces. These elements will also help to unify the different areas when using different styles.

Once you have decided the colors, it is advisable to buy small samples of paint and use them on small pieces of cardboard and tape them on the walls you want to apply the color. With natural light, you will be able to see how it looks like and if it is what you expected.

decoration, decoración

When it comes to furniture, think on the scale and visual weight. It doesn’t need to have a symmetrical appearance as long as it looks smooth and has some kind of planned disorder. Look into the staff that you already have, perhaps you can still take advantage of it. Old furniture can be restored by giving a new coat of paint, changing de color stain or in the case of cabinet drawers, you can use wall paper or decals to give to the piece a new and sophisticated look.

If your idea is to buy new furnishing, the design is not the only thing you have to take care about. Make sure that it is comfortable and appropriate with the use you want to give it.

Finally, don’t buy all the small decorative pieces that you see just because you like them or don’t display all your personal collections. You take the risk to overcrowd your home.

To decorate your house, it is important to take you time but it is essential to enjoy it.